It Was Love At First Sight In Rwanda…

The thought of travelling Africa for the first time, evoked in me mixed feelings. While I was excited about visiting a new country, the thoughts of its difficult past, of war and conflict, poverty, disease and other stories that I often read, kept me guessing what the travel had to offer. So, a week before I embarked on my Journey to Rwanda and Uganda, I kept reading as much as I can about these countries, their history, economic order and culture. While information helped, I won’t deny a sense of unease while boarding my plane from New Delhi. Continue reading “It Was Love At First Sight In Rwanda…”

A Visit To Rabindranath Tagore’s Garden Of Peace

Shantiniketan, near Kolkata in West Bengal, is a university town and home to Vishwa Bharti University that was established by Rabindranath Tagore – India’s only Nobel Laureate in Literature.

Today, thousands of young and old people throng to the little town to celebrate the fusion of contemporary thought alongside a legacy of the natives of the land.

Continue reading “A Visit To Rabindranath Tagore’s Garden Of Peace”