Rex In The City

Delhi is urban as it can get – high rise buildings, malls, hustling and bustling with modern forms of transport, luxury items, high connectivity et al. And within the fast paced city life there are pockets in the nation’s capital that hold on to the culture, art and history that are slowly being forgotten.

#RexInTheCity is an effort to discover these communities and bring their craft to the forefront. The idea is to find places in and around Delhi where people are working on handicrafts and handlooms to bring out the best of the Indian heritage to people on a daily basis. We have guided visits to these worlds within our worlds understanding their processes, how they live, how these products are competing with modern mass produced items, and how they are evolving their artistry to match the times.

The artistry in handicrafts is slowly getting lost yet in the middle of this enchanting city – men and women are struggling to keep it going. We aim to bring this incredible experience to you through a series of tours to these little known clusters in Delhi.

Stay tuned for the #RexInTheCity pre-scheduled walks. Contact us in case you wish to request for a customized experience.