Adopting Sustainable Tourism Policies

What do you understand by sustainable development? Simply put, it signifies an inclusive development that is achieved without creating adverse effects for the future – development without infringing human rights, without depleting our natural resources and without harming the eco-system. Continue reading “Adopting Sustainable Tourism Policies”


Mandu: A Ruined City in the Heart of Incredible India

It was a thriving city situated on the top of a hill, surrounded by the dense forest where history was made, lost and drowned with the passage of time. It is the story of the ruined hill fort of Mandavgad (or present day Mandu), situated close to the city of Indore in the Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh (MP), India. Continue reading “Mandu: A Ruined City in the Heart of Incredible India”

Would You Join Hands To Save The Himalayas Through 5 Simple Steps?

Being a traveller and trekker myself, I have become sensitive to the environment and surroundings. This sense of responsibility magnified when my feet touched the Himalayas. Being a part of the urban populace, we may not observe pollution and litter because it is pretty much everywhere, but the seriousness of the issue dawns on you when you enter a zone which is supposed to be clean and serene and we find traces of our irresponsibility in such areas.

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A Retreat In Dharamshala To Take You Back To Simpler, Happier Times

Priti and her husband Sundeep, bought Hill Stream cottage with a view – to provide guests with a home to relax in, soak in a bit of ‘Himachal’, but mostly to develop this tiny hamlet in Khaniari, Dharamshala. The development started with Sundeep getting the road to the village built, using the Government’s ‘meri sadak’ (check out their android app) scheme. Next, a couple living in the village were hired to take care of the cottage. Hopefully more will be hired soon, and the dangerous urban migration trend will be stopped, at least in this small village.

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The Case Of Accidental Responsibility And Carbon Footprint Count

It was a beautiful morning when I set off by car to experience the port city of Vishakhapattnam, Andhra Pradesh. Set all along the sea, the drive along the lovely and clean road itself was a serene and joyful one. It was a dawn to remember and little did I know that I would recall it for totally different reasons. Continue reading “The Case Of Accidental Responsibility And Carbon Footprint Count”