Meeting The Rose Garden Walking Club

The Rose Garden Walking Club, as the name suggests, walks everyday in Rose Garden. On Sundays, they also eat lots of food – samosa, bread pakora, milk cake, biscuits and hot tea – for which they have a commercial size canter. Weight-loss does not seem to be purpose of the group, clearly, but they are healthier than anyone with perfect BMIs.


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I Love To Travel Local, Says Radhika Apte

I travel a lot, for work but also for pleasure. I find it easy to blend with a variety of people which has helped me in my work as well, as I have landed significantly different roles in all the films that I have done so far. Continue reading “I Love To Travel Local, Says Radhika Apte”

An Authentic Thai Experience Is Truly Worth A Visit

E_SDG_Icons-12Maybe because it’s cheap – but I think it’s more because it’s happy, that we keep going back to Thailand.

Everyone smilingly welcomes you. Given half-a-chance, Indians will talk about their life’s deepest secrets to strangers but we tend to put on the grimmest expressions when we are travelling. Please try to put on a smile and bow, when in Thailand. This is important to them so let’s do it. Continue reading “An Authentic Thai Experience Is Truly Worth A Visit”