Editor’s Note

18th July, 2018 (Wednesday)

Dear friends,

It gives us great pleasure to share that Team Alpaviram has been working relentlessly to promote the global ‘No Plastic July’ campaign. We urge you to join forces and talk as much as you can to spread awareness and bring about meaningful change to the world around us.

Citizen initiatives have played a key role in bringing change on the ground and, as Delhi citizens have recently displayed, are a powerful tool. At our core, as responsible travellers, we are global citizens and we can change the world for the better. We just need to act.

We hope you enjoy reading our lineup of interesting articles through July and don’t forget to let us your thoughts and ideas.

Abhi ke liye, Alpaviram.

(That’s a pause, for now)


26th June, 2018 (Tuesday)

Dear responsible travellers,

A lot has been afoot this month with Team Alpaviram exploring new grounds. As we all are aware that India participated in the BeatPlasticPollution campaign, as part of the global World Environment Day observations, a campaign similar to Alpaviram’s SpotTheUgly that run last year. The need to condemn the use of plastic has finally come to the mainstream. As travellers, it places us in the limelight as we are capable to spreading the message the farthest and contributing to environmentally conscious reforms. We urge you to continue this fight against plastic.

We continue our work on gathering a checklist to ensure safer and more convenient travel across India and hope that you will continue to share your valuable inputs to this growing list.

As an added request to our fellow travellers, we encourage you to hug a tree wherever you go as Alpaviram stands firmly against the mindless felling of trees in New Delhi, capital of India, as well as in the Himalayas. With monsoon setting in soon, Alpaviram hopes you have kept your seeds at hand to go on a planting spree. We encourage you to pick spots along the roads, in public spaces, to plant these seeds and then wait as monsoon makes magic to our efforts.

Abhi ke liye, Alpaviram.

(That’s a pause, for now)


2nd May, 2018 (Wednesday)

Hello Friends,

The month of May is the season to welcome the scorching heat of Indian summers. After the initial respite offered by Landour and Bhutan, Team Alpaviram has been exploring more of the seen and the unseen along the way.

This month begins with a visit to Shantiniketan, followed by a night under the clear skies. There’s so much to look forward to and experience and we are delighted to share it all with you.

We invite you to keep Alpaviram in mind and share your responsible travel experiences with fellow travellers.

The focus for the next month, June, will be on staying safe through your travels and we invite your thoughts, experiences and notes to help other travellers, On our part, we propose to set up the Alpaviram Guide that will list reliable taxi drivers across various destinations, local guides and homestays. Keep your thinking caps at hand for this month as we need to work together for safer travel experience for everyone.

Abhi ke liye, Alpaviram.

(That’s a pause, for now)


5th April, 2018 (Thursday)

Dear Friends,

Our travels continue to take us far and wide to explore the world more responsibly. We hope you had an exciting Earth Hour and help contribute to saving the resources that we have at hand.

For us, at Alpaviram, we took a long walk around the neighbourhood and encouraged friend to join us as we discussed the relevance of the Earth Hour along with what more can be done on a day-to-day basis to conserve energy. As always, we pointed out to the significance of the Earth Overshoot Day – the day the population on the planet consumes all the resoruces that the planet can afford each year, and wondered if we are doing enough to stop the meaningless waste.

Dilli Meri Jaan founder, Jayati Talapatra, undertook a journey to Bhutan, The Land Of Happiness and will be penning her thoughts on the same for us soon. Meanwhile, seeing the success of the Sundar Nagar Nursery Walk, we will be undertaking another visit to the park this weekend.

Also to look forward this month is the article on Alpaviram visit to Landour, Uttarakhand where we stayed next to Ruskin Bond’s residence. If you are setting out for the mountains soon, we hope you will consider the pristine pine sojourn of the town.

Abhi ke liye, Alpaviram.

(That’s a pause, for now)


13th February, 2018 (Tuesday)

Dear Friends,

It has been an exciting start to the year for Team Alpaviram. Our extensive travels have taken us far and wide across the country and we have returned richer, with memories and lessons from the road.

First things first, Alpaviram was fortunate to be invited to participate in the #SafeCityInterview series on Twitter where we shared our take on how to make responsible tourism more acceptable as a mainstream form of travel along with sharing notes on making travels safer through India.

As we mentioned during the Twitter chat, it is essential for travellers to learn and respect the local cultural nuances before jumping to conclusions and in order to avoid untoward attention. The Twitter chat turned out to be a great means to connect with more like-minded travel influencers.

Collectively, Team Alpaviram has driven through the tea country in Assam, explored the nightlife and exemplary street food in Indore and paid close attention to a multitude of bird songs in Corbett National Park. We also enjoyed the nature walk through Sanjay Van organised by our partner, Dilli Meri Jaan.

Up next is a tete-a-tete with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau before we hit the road again.

We are delighted to share that Alpaviram has a host of exclusive invites to responsible homestays. Do watch this space for all the excitement that is follow!

Stay tuned!

Abhi ke liye, Alpaviram.
(That’s a pause, for now)


1st January, 2018 (Monday)

Dear Friends,

The International Year For Sustainable Tourism For Development drew to a close with the turn of the year, but the commitment to the cause did not. At Alpaviram, we continue the conversation around sustainable development through responsible travel practices.

Last year, we have seen a record number of authors find their voice and take a stand on responsible travel through our website.

We are delighted to share that Alpaviram conducted 2 successful workshops with schoolchildren to create more awareness around the issue. Our guided tours and responsible city walks have found more takers. We hope to continue to grow on both counts this year.

We have joined forces with responsible travellers doing commendable work in the sphere and with homestay and hotels who give the issue it’s due.

So what lies ahead? The journey, of course! Now that we have found our path and fellow travellers to join us, it is time to set off on this incredible journey around the world.

So call upon your friends and family to hop onto the Alpaviram bandwagon. Join us in finding new voices, nurturing new ideas and supporting each other in making responsible travel a mainstream option. We have exciting plans for our partners in the coming months and gifts to be won. Our monthly newsletter will keep up abreast of all the merriment that Team Alpaviram will have along this journey. Make sure you stay in touch and stay responsible.

Happy New Year!

Abhi ke liye, Alpaviram.
(That’s a pause, for now)