Dilli Meri Jaan

Dilli Meri Jaan is Alpaviram’s outreach program that aims to “Create Responsible Travellers” by exploring Delhi, Responsibly!

Weekly nature and heritage walks in the city of New Delhi, India is an integral part of Dilli Meri Jaan, that has helped us reach out to many  and share our thoughts of adopting responsible practices in travel.

Aimed at promoting the use of public transport, the destinations are strategically selected close to metro stations, and are aptly called #DelhiByMetro Walks.

Alpaviram plans to start this initiative in other metros of the country, and is looking for partners. Write to us if you are interested to start a “Dilli Meri Jaan” Chapter in your city. Follow Dilli Meri Jaan on Facebook (@dillimerijaan) and Twitter (@jayatitalapatra) and to know what’s happening.