Top 5 Pet-Friendly Resorts In India For That Purr-fect Break From The World!

Everyone who has taken their pet on a vacation once knows that there is no going back. Every time you take a break without your pet, you have returned to the look of ‘pure betrayal’ in your pets eyes. One whiff and they know where you’ve been because we, the undeserving humans, are poor at covering our tracks. Continue reading “Top 5 Pet-Friendly Resorts In India For That Purr-fect Break From The World!”


Lima, Peru: Personal Transformation through Travel

While the craze for football has eternally popularized the Latin American countries of Brazil and Argentina among us Indians, its other illustrious neighbours have not attracted us as much till now. Peru – the emerging destination (international) at the Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards 2016 – happens to be one of those neighbours biding its time for our attention.

India and Peru has historically had healthy trade relations; and is currently in negotiations over a free trade agreement. It might be time for us to consider exploring this country with a history that dates back to approximately 9,000 B.C. Here’s the experience of a Nigerian friend who spent sometime in the country, to get you started… Continue reading “Lima, Peru: Personal Transformation through Travel”

Mandu: A Ruined City in the Heart of Incredible India

It was a thriving city situated on the top of a hill, surrounded by the dense forest where history was made, lost and drowned with the passage of time. It is the story of the ruined hill fort of Mandavgad (or present day Mandu), situated close to the city of Indore in the Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh (MP), India. Continue reading “Mandu: A Ruined City in the Heart of Incredible India”

A Celebration Of Colour In The Land Of Krishna

“It was such an exhilarating experience,” she said sipping some tea. For Radhika Chalasani, a New York-based photographer, it was just another visit to capture the colours of India in 2006. She was in Barsana (Uttar Pradesh) to find out more about the famous lathmar Holi. “The normally mute and shy Indian women of the village, with a lath (stick) in their hands, charged at the men without a care,” she laughed recalling the event. “Several men got hurt but the women stopped only to laugh and then hammered away with renewed vigour. Frankly, I thought it was ghastly.” So it seems to anyone who has spent time at the quiet village of Barsana at any other time of the year. Continue reading “A Celebration Of Colour In The Land Of Krishna”