Postcards From Bengal’s Regal Past In Dhanyakuria

Photographer Goutam Dey has travelled through West Bengal, India and captured what remains of an iconic legacy in various parts of this Eastern Indian state.  Continue reading “Postcards From Bengal’s Regal Past In Dhanyakuria”

Ruins Of Ancient Temples Of Awantipora, Kashmir

I went to Kashmir in June this year, for the second time. The first time, I went there along with my wife and this time I traveled solo. The experience I gathered altogether from both the trips is wondrous. But whenever I have been there, never felt like that I am touring in India. Maybe the reasons are situations of Kashmir over the few decades, ambience, people, culture and some other reasons can be there. Probably, I could not connect myself with the place, this can be another reason. However, the local people were so nice to me but sometimes the behavior of the Indian Army was disheartening. I discussed the same with my friends. According to them, I preoccupied with the thought that Hindus are a minority over there that can be the reason. Seriously, I could not come to any conclusion. It’s a fact, it is very difficult to travel solo like me in the entire region and as I have faced so many issues.

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Indian Railways Holds Such Joy In Every Ride, Come Away With Us On A Special Train…

The West Bengal government has introduced three new toy trains to the Ghum-Darjeeling circuit to help draw people away from the crazy overcrowded celebrations of Durga Puja in Kolkata. The existing six trains will get additional coaches to accommodate more people as well.  Continue reading “Indian Railways Holds Such Joy In Every Ride, Come Away With Us On A Special Train…”

An Authentic Thai Experience Is Truly Worth A Visit

E_SDG_Icons-12Maybe because it’s cheap – but I think it’s more because it’s happy, that we keep going back to Thailand.

Everyone smilingly welcomes you. Given half-a-chance, Indians will talk about their life’s deepest secrets to strangers but we tend to put on the grimmest expressions when we are travelling. Please try to put on a smile and bow, when in Thailand. This is important to them so let’s do it. Continue reading “An Authentic Thai Experience Is Truly Worth A Visit”