Lima, Peru: Personal Transformation through Travel

While the craze for football has eternally popularized the Latin American countries of Brazil and Argentina among us Indians, its other illustrious neighbours have not attracted us as much till now. Peru – the emerging destination (international) at the Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards 2016 – happens to be one of those neighbours biding its time for our attention.

India and Peru has historically had healthy trade relations; and is currently in negotiations over a free trade agreement. It might be time for us to consider exploring this country with a history that dates back to approximately 9,000 B.C. Here’s the experience of a Nigerian friend who spent sometime in the country, to get you started… Continue reading “Lima, Peru: Personal Transformation through Travel”

Bhutan – My First Experience As A Solo Female Traveller

It was strange to find how many people expressed shock, surprise, dismay and discouragement at the idea of a female solo traveller, when I shared the idea of visiting Bhutan by myself. Despite the discouragement all around, I was not ready to lose the opportunity to experience the thrill of travelling by myself for the first time. I had made up my mind, packed my bags, and looked forward to boarding that jet plane. So, on January 29, I headed to Kolkata from Ho Chi Minh City, hopped onto a Druk Air flight to the lovely town of Paro.  Continue reading “Bhutan – My First Experience As A Solo Female Traveller”

Here’s Why Ranveer Singh Just Cannot Stop Raving About Switzerland!

The actor who has recently been named the ambassador of Swiss Tourism in India was taken aback by the serene beauty of the land. Switzerland is among the most responsible tourism destinations in the would and to the country’s new Indian brand ambassador, it is all about luxurious living. Continue reading “Here’s Why Ranveer Singh Just Cannot Stop Raving About Switzerland!”

An Authentic Thai Experience Is Truly Worth A Visit

E_SDG_Icons-12Maybe because it’s cheap – but I think it’s more because it’s happy, that we keep going back to Thailand.

Everyone smilingly welcomes you. Given half-a-chance, Indians will talk about their life’s deepest secrets to strangers but we tend to put on the grimmest expressions when we are travelling. Please try to put on a smile and bow, when in Thailand. This is important to them so let’s do it. Continue reading “An Authentic Thai Experience Is Truly Worth A Visit”