COVID-19 and Beyond: Responsible Traveller in the Time Disease Outbreak

A third of global population is on lockdown today – travel restrictions are in force, national & international flights are cancelled, local transportation is limited or not available. While many of us are at home, others are stranded on the way. During Covid-19 or beyond, we might face such challenges. How do we handle such a situation or what we do while making our way to our destination? Remember, being responsible traveller, we take care of ourselves, others around us and mother earth. Recently, I planned to travel to Thailand, but ended up reaching India (from Yangon) – here is how I managed it in the midst of Covid-19 and a guide that might be useful to others.

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It Was Love At First Sight In Rwanda…

The thought of travelling Africa for the first time, evoked in me mixed feelings. While I was excited about visiting a new country, the thoughts of its difficult past, of war and conflict, poverty, disease and other stories that I often read, kept me guessing what the travel had to offer. So, a week before I embarked on my Journey to Rwanda and Uganda, I kept reading as much as I can about these countries, their history, economic order and culture. While information helped, I won’t deny a sense of unease while boarding my plane from New Delhi. Continue reading “It Was Love At First Sight In Rwanda…”

Postcards From Russia, The Land Of Smiles, Warmth… And Football!

Russia has the dubious distinction of being the most unfriendly country in the world. But it is also the land of Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky and this year’s Football World Cup. So I set out for ‘the land of no smiles’, armed with a solemn expression and a Russian speaking friend.

The latter was most useful but the first was absolutely unnecessary.

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A Bollywood Lover’s Take On Bhutan And Why It Is The Land Of Happiness!

Heavily inspired by the movie Lunchbox, as most of my wisdom comes from Bollywood, I set out for Bhutan – The Land of Happiness. Also, my friend Madhur Upadhyay and owner of Avani Earth Journeys, enticed me with photos of Bhutan birds and a super-customised itinerary focused on nature.

I do not like mountains.  And it doesn’t get more mountainous than Bhutan.

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