Adopt Responsible Tiger Tourism

wcms_396400On July 9, 1969, India declared the Royal Bengal Tiger as its national animal. The majestic big cat has been the symbol of India since time immemorial.

Believed by many to be the guardians of the forest, the Royal Bengal Tiger has been in the news for unhappy reasons.

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An Authentic Thai Experience Is Truly Worth A Visit

E_SDG_Icons-12Maybe because it’s cheap – but I think it’s more because it’s happy, that we keep going back to Thailand.

Everyone smilingly welcomes you. Given half-a-chance, Indians will talk about their life’s deepest secrets to strangers but we tend to put on the grimmest expressions when we are travelling. Please try to put on a smile and bow, when in Thailand. This is important to them so let’s do it. Continue reading “An Authentic Thai Experience Is Truly Worth A Visit”