Everything You Need To Know About The Beatles Ashram In Rishikesh!

I had always sensed the Beatles connection in Rishikesh, even when I wasn’t looking for it. To me, Rishikesh is the ultimately detox destination and no, I have never needed to check into an ashram for it. The sight and sounds of Rishikesh are enough, nature’s glory and the fleeting impressions of art left behind by inspired minds from around the world have long satiated my creative needs. On my latest visit, I set out to find the real Beatles Ashram or to bust the myth forever.

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Chandraketugarh: Will India’s Legendary Lost Port City Remain Buried Forever?

Close to India’s border with Bangladesh lies a Harappan site which has been guarded over diligently by citizens who care for the wealth that lies hidden from plain sight.  Without any tangible support to save this vast heritage site, this incredible chapter of history may be lost to us. Put your travel shoes on and make your way to Deganga region of West Bengal, a discovery of this lifetime awaits.  Continue reading “Chandraketugarh: Will India’s Legendary Lost Port City Remain Buried Forever?”

A Celebration Of Colour In The Land Of Krishna

“It was such an exhilarating experience,” she said sipping some tea. For Radhika Chalasani, a New York-based photographer, it was just another visit to capture the colours of India in 2006. She was in Barsana (Uttar Pradesh) to find out more about the famous lathmar Holi. “The normally mute and shy Indian women of the village, with a lath (stick) in their hands, charged at the men without a care,” she laughed recalling the event. “Several men got hurt but the women stopped only to laugh and then hammered away with renewed vigour. Frankly, I thought it was ghastly.” So it seems to anyone who has spent time at the quiet village of Barsana at any other time of the year. Continue reading “A Celebration Of Colour In The Land Of Krishna”