The Land Of Warriors Kissed By White Clouds

A journey into the Himalayan country of Nepal and the one town, Gorkha, where the country can trace its origin back to. The cradle of courage hidden away in the folds of the mighty mountains, a visit to Gorkha is like taking a journey back to a magical time.

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A Page From A Humanitarian Response Officer’s Diary: The Nepal Earthquake 2015

As an aid worker, the journey to a workstation can be perilous. Work is stressful and heart-wrenching. Amid all this, the ability to marvel at fellow human beings and celebrate the natural beauty of the most offbeat locations can be the best reward. Continue reading “A Page From A Humanitarian Response Officer’s Diary: The Nepal Earthquake 2015”

Do Humanitarian Responders Qualify As Responsible Travellers?

As the world faces more frequent and severe disasters, humanitarian workers find themselves busier everyday – facilitating and implementing humanitarian responses in disaster affected communities across the globe. As a humanitarian professional, I too have had the opportunity to travel across India and Nepal over the last nine years – contributing to communities and experiencing local cultures, although quite differently from other responsible travellers. Continue reading “Do Humanitarian Responders Qualify As Responsible Travellers?”