Postcards From Russia, The Land Of Smiles, Warmth… And Football!

Russia has the dubious distinction of being the most unfriendly country in the world. But it is also the land of Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky and this year’s Football World Cup. So I set out for ‘the land of no smiles’, armed with a solemn expression and a Russian speaking friend.

The latter was most useful but the first was absolutely unnecessary.

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A Bollywood Lover’s Take On Bhutan And Why It Is The Land Of Happiness!

Heavily inspired by the movie Lunchbox, as most of my wisdom comes from Bollywood, I set out for Bhutan – The Land of Happiness. Also, my friend Madhur Upadhyay and owner of Avani Earth Journeys, enticed me with photos of Bhutan birds and a super-customised itinerary focused on nature.

I do not like mountains.  And it doesn’t get more mountainous than Bhutan.

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A Retreat In Dharamshala To Take You Back To Simpler, Happier Times

Priti and her husband Sundeep, bought Hill Stream cottage with a view – to provide guests with a home to relax in, soak in a bit of ‘Himachal’, but mostly to develop this tiny hamlet in Khaniari, Dharamshala. The development started with Sundeep getting the road to the village built, using the Government’s ‘meri sadak’ (check out their android app) scheme. Next, a couple living in the village were hired to take care of the cottage. Hopefully more will be hired soon, and the dangerous urban migration trend will be stopped, at least in this small village.

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Meet A Young Man Who Is On An Inspiring Cycling Trip Around Northeast India!

e_sdg_icons-11Angom Ronald feels that travelling makes him humble. He has been travelling in Manipur, his home state and Meghalaya, on a bicycle, for the past three weeks. “I carry a tent and sleeping bag so I can sleep anywhere but sleeping in a very secluded area or jungles that I passed was a little scary. So I tend to look for places near people at night. I always ask if I can camp around the locality. If they don’t want me to then I move to other places. But will I say that I have been lucky or people are good everywhere, I was always invited to homes during most of my journey. I hardly got to pitch my tent. What I would like to say is I don’t want to rely on the people but I have to trust a complete stranger.”

He trusts them to guide him to a camping site, and at times, feed and shelter him.

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A Sunday Walk With Dilli Meri Jaan

Other than the fact that the walkers have to take a Delhi metro to participate, not much else is sacrosanct about a #DelhibyMetro Walk. Of course it’s not completely random. We do start with an objective and destination. We do a decent amount of research. We have a planned itinerary, till the walk begins! At which point, we tend to go where the road takes us… Continue reading “A Sunday Walk With Dilli Meri Jaan”