Adopting Sustainable Tourism Policies

What do you understand by sustainable development? Simply put, it signifies an inclusive development that is achieved without creating adverse effects for the future – development without infringing human rights, without depleting our natural resources and without harming the eco-system. Continue reading “Adopting Sustainable Tourism Policies”

Would You Join Hands To Save The Himalayas Through 5 Simple Steps?

Being a traveller and trekker myself, I have become sensitive to the environment and surroundings. This sense of responsibility magnified when my feet touched the Himalayas. Being a part of the urban populace, we may not observe pollution and litter because it is pretty much everywhere, but the seriousness of the issue dawns on you when you enter a zone which is supposed to be clean and serene and we find traces of our irresponsibility in such areas.

Continue reading “Would You Join Hands To Save The Himalayas Through 5 Simple Steps?”

The Talking Threads Of Lucknow – Chikankari

Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh has been the motherland of various art forms. Dance forms like Kathak and Mujra, classical Indian music and Urdu and Hindi poetry have beautifully laced the cultural image of the city. Yet amongst all, Lucknow stands out as the birthplace of the famous hand embroidery technique known as  Chikankari, said to have been popularized by the Nawabs who commissioned karigars (artisans) for Chikan work on their silk headwears. Continue reading “The Talking Threads Of Lucknow – Chikankari”

The Triund Trek, Once A Hiker’s Delight Has Carelessness Strewn All Over

Throughout my graduation years in Delhi, I had heard stories of Triund, Kheerganga and similar treks in the state of Himachal Pradesh. A few months ago, my friends and I decided to take the trek to Triund. I was aware of the terrain and knew that it wasn’t a tough trek  which meant an easy start although I yearned for more adventure. Continue reading “The Triund Trek, Once A Hiker’s Delight Has Carelessness Strewn All Over”