You Can Help Keep A Grandmother’s Legacy Alive!

This is the story of a small primary school in the heart of the city of Kolkata. Or, let’s say, this is the story of two women who became educators to empower children of Kolkata and also empowering themselves in the process. It is the story of my great-grandmother and my grandmother, and their beloved Kidyzone English Medium School. Continue reading “You Can Help Keep A Grandmother’s Legacy Alive!”

A Basic Responsible Guide To Get Through The Lockdown

On March 24, the Indian Prime Minister has announced a 21-day national lockdown across the country. It takes 21 days to inculcate a new habit, here’s how to make the most of this time to turn into a superhero and save the planet.

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How does walking make you a superhero?

A few years ago, I interviewed Meigo Mark – a European traveller who was on a mission to walk 40,075 kilometres. Why? Because it is the total length of the equator. His journey took him from his home in Estonia to many countries including India. I remember asking him if it was hard to wake up each day to walk. He had said, “Walking feels like the mission of the heart, mind and spirit.” I have looked at the simple act of walking very differently since.

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Chandraketugarh: Will India’s Legendary Lost Port City Remain Buried Forever?

Close to India’s border with Bangladesh lies a Harappan site which has been guarded over diligently by citizens who care for the wealth that lies hidden from plain sight.  Without any tangible support to save this vast heritage site, this incredible chapter of history may be lost to us. Put your travel shoes on and make your way to Deganga region of West Bengal, a discovery of this lifetime awaits.  Continue reading “Chandraketugarh: Will India’s Legendary Lost Port City Remain Buried Forever?”