Abinash Lahkar
A seasoned humanitarian and resilience professional, with an inclination for music and minimalist lifestyles. When not making music or saving lives, Abinash is out exploring exploring the world, sustainably.

Profile PicAmbica Gulati
Journalist, voyageur and storyteller, Ambica has been in search of the perfect story for almost two decades now. In this quest, she has played a game of lost and found with herself many times.

AninditaAnindita Paul
A teacher by profession and a homemaker by choice, Anindita is a passionate cook and a die-hard foodie. She is a traveller at heart who loves the journey as much as the destination.

AnkitaAnkita Ghosh
A thinker and a doer, who has the uncanny ability to gel well with everyone and earn their trust. A Creative Director with an award-winning, international brand activation agency, Ankita defines herself with three words: honest, feisty and unforgiving.

AparnaAparna Mudi
Professor of Fashion, social activist, blogger, animal lover, cook and much more. Aparna is a dreamer who constantly reinvents herself; and inspires numerous around her to challenge themselves.

ApoorvaApoorva Bhatnagar
With a strong work experience in the social sector with design, coordination and management experience in development projects across education, gender and WASH, thinking responsible while travelling comes naturally to her.

Atreyee Kar Atreyee Kar
Atreyee working on ensuring rights of children and women using her skills as a development communications professional. Writing and photography are her passion.

biswarupBiswarup Banerjee
With a Post Graduate degree in rural development, he currently works with IKEA Foundation in New Delhi. A travel aficionado, Biswarup travels for his work, and then travels a little more for vacations with family.

FaeryFootloose Faery
A senior business development professional and an active trekker, Faery is a pleasant, flexible and adaptable person who lives by the saying, ‘the only trip you regret is the one you didn’t take”.

GoutamGoutam Dey
A renowned “Antiquity and Architectural Photography” photographer, Goutam’s interests lie in socio-Cultural anthropology; and many of his works offer an outside view into the complex societies that we live in.

IndrajitIndrajit Das
A solo traveller who loves to travel with his books and music; and come back home to his guitar, after a long journey. Indrajit avoids crowds and glittering hi-tech places; and is fond of adventure sports.

IshaniIshani Palandurkar
A development professional, travel writer and poetess, Ishani is an avid traveller and usually finds her escape in the Himalayas. She is committed to promote the culture of sustainable travel practices among people.

Jayati new picJayati Talapatra
A Human Resource Manager by profession, Jayati lives and breathes nature. A green crusader, she is a strong advocate of sustainable travel and living practices among citizens.

JessicaJessica Ufuoma
Since she left Nigeria to pursue higher studies in Canada, Ufuoma has travelled to twenty three countries, four continents and forty nine cities and counting. She is on a mission to inspire people to travel through her photography and writing.

FB_IMG_1525957185574.jpgKasturi Chanda
A software professional, woman with brown eyes, dark skin & wild curls, who is passionate about food and travel. The perfect blend of crazy and bountiful energy. She loves to make people smile & dreams of backpacking the world after leaving her 9-6 job. Follow her blog here.

Kitty Author
Kitty Iyer

Travel blogger and Photographer. Loves the smell of earth, sunsets, cupcakes and baby elephants!

Soft-spoken but with an opinion, Leela is our school going green-soldier who shares her love of green spaces in her city with her mother. Read her writing to understand her better.

ParimaParima Sharma
A Human Resource professional and an ardent traveller, Parima is excited about sharing her experiences with others. She defines herself as an escapist, ecologist, tripper and connoisseur of food.

PriyaPriya Tripathy
Eccentric and a lover of animals, Priya regales herself by travelling to random locations with her cat, and sharing her travel experiences with strangers through the written word.

RiteshRitesh Datta
A development professional who believes in the power of storytelling to shift behaviours, Ritesh is committed to make sustainable travel and living practices the norm in every travellers’ mind.

saumya profile

Saumya John
An environmental sustainability enthusiast who likes to discover cafes, picks rocks and shells from sea beds, gets mesmerised with the shades of blue in the ocean and green in plants. She is experimenting with lifestyle changes and living out of a single bag to reduce negative impact on the planet.


Shankh Chatterjee
A student and an amateur photographer, Shankh is also an avid traveller. He has travelled across the world and wants to become a full-time traveller through his profession someday.

Profile Pic

Sheikh Khairul Rahaman
A seasoned humanitarian worker from India, a columnist and an award-winning amateur photographer. He believes in an equitable world which upholds the rights of everyone.

SusmitaSusmita Mukherjee
A seasoned writer with more than a decade of experience in journalism, expressing the written word comes naturally to Susmita. The topics has written about range from Delhi’s underground music scene to interviews of the biggest Bollywood celebrities.

Profile Pic1Swastica Swapn
A 23 year old computer engineer turned blogger based in Mumbai, India, writing her heart out.


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