Alpaviram is the culmination of a vision of a group of individuals, to put India at the centre of responsible travel and sustainable tourism opportunities.

Alpaviram, which means a comma in the Devanagari script, signifies the breaks we take from our daily lives in order to refurbish our energies; and believes that these breaks can also be made more fruitful in sustaining the world, by positively contributing to local communities, helping retain cultures and heritage and adopting green practices during the travels, without losing out on all the fun and experiences of travel, of course.

We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to analyse and measure the “responsible and sustainable” aspects of travel practices and services, and believe that more responsible tourists complemented by a higher number of sustainable tourism providers will contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Alpaviram believes in the power of experiences and storytelling to bring about positive change among people, and works with travellers, service providers and Governments to bring about a shift in the way we view travel – from a solely more personalized, self-enriching experience to an opportunity to give back to the world by travelling.

Alpaviram aspires to contribute towards re-shaping the Indian travel eco-system, to make responsible travel and sustainable tourism options a norm and leads to:

  1. International and national tourists actively seeking responsible Indian travel options and experiences
  2. Tourism service providers proactively offering sustainable tourism packages that directly/ indirectly contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 to their clients, and
  3. The Government incentivizing and creating pro- responsible/sustainable tourism policies and practices

Connect with us to know more about our vision, and how we can help you build and promote your sustainable tourism offerings.