How About A Heritage Run In The Heart Of India?

This is going to be such a treat for responsible travellers! After several scenic runs organised across India, Go Heritage Runs is now announced a series in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India.

The first run is scheduled for December 16, at Orchha at 6 am.

Runners can select the distance they wish to cover, 5 km, 10 km or 21 km. Those who have not been running regularly are strongly advised to stick to the 5 km category. The terrain is relatively plain and the weather is well-suited for the morning run. It is a whole new way of experiencing heritage.

For those working towards adopting more sustainable practices in life, this is a great place to connect with a like-minded from around the country and beyond.

Date: Sunday, December 16th 
Distances: 5 KM, 10 KM, 21 KM 
Venue: Orchha Fort Complex  (Orchha is an overnight train journey away from Delhi – travel and hotels information available here)
Sign up: link 


There is no time limit or prize to be given at the end of these runs, so you can soak in every moment of the experience without any need to hurry along. The routes have been selected for their scenic appeal along the river Betwa, among the 16th century cenotaphs built by the Bundela Rajput kings who ruled the land, the legendary Chaturbhuj Temple as well as touching upon the famous Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary.  Given the weather, you are sure to spot some migratory birds along with the resident peacocks, kingfishers, owls, quails, storks and black swans.

Please note that all the runs mentioned above have a registration fee and require pre-registration. Only residents of Orchha can register on the spot for a fee of Rs 200.

Here is a calendar of all the upcoming heritage runs organised in Madhya Pradesh starting this December. Book your slots in advance and enjoy a hearty run-vacation!

Madhya Pradesh

                                                                                                                          — Team Alpaviram

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