7 Things To Experience In Ahmedabad, India’s First World Heritage City

The largest city of the western state of India, Gujarat, is Ahmedabad. The city has flourished for centuries under various rulers and its ability to absorb the best of every culture, without losing a sense of originality, makes it truly worth a visit.

There are several aspects to the city that make it worth its latest accolade, India’s First Heritage City.

We’re looking at the top few things you might want to experience in the bustling city.

1. Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell

The stepwells of Gujarat are truly a sight to behold and this 15th century architecture marvel is an apt introduction. Built in 1498, by Rana Veer Singh of the Vaghela dynasty of Dandai Desh, the ‘vav’ as stepwells are called is five storeys deep. You may also visit the Dada Hari ki Vav in the city as well.

2. Calico Museum of Textiles

Image courtesy: Journeymart

Sounds odd? It’s not. This museum holds one of the most exhaustive selections of antique Indian textiles. The museum remains closed on Wednesday, best to book a place in morning’s guided tour in advance. One of their exhibits is a Kashmiri shawl that took three years to make!

3. Heritage walk


To get a true sense of the legends associated with Ahmedabad, attend a heritage walk. While there are several options present, the one organised by the Municipal Corporation of the city seems to be a great crowd-puller. It begins at 8 am on Sundays from the Swami Narayan Temple.

4. Utensil Museum

utensil museum

We’re sticking to the offbeat and this museum is completely up our alley. The Utensils museum holds in it exhibits an impressive number of utensils used in India and abroad, over time. The well-marked exhibit provides a look into how people ate and what they ate! Now that’s an interesting insight.

5. Kamla Nehru Zoological Park


One of the chief reasons to include the city zoo to the list is the fact that it aesthetically brings together a large natural water body, Kankaria Lake, with its own share of fun activities with the effort of conservation. Do not miss the chance to meet the Asiatic Lion as well as the other members of the wild.

6. Manek Chowk

manek chowk.jpg

From the finest bargains on jewellery by day to satiating hunger pangs at midnight, Manek Chowk is the place to be while at Ahmedabad! There’s a variety of street food to sample and don’t forget to tuck in some delicious ice-cream.

7. Sabarmati Ashram and Waterfront


The most iconic place in the state which needs no introduction, the Sabarmati Ashram was Mahatma Gandhi’s home during the Indian Freedom struggle and the Khadi movement is still active. The Ashram is a huge and historic expanse, a guided walk tour takes 90-minutes. The sights and sounds of the Sabarmati riverfront are heightened after dark when the riverside is dotted with beautiful lights.

The city has many more experiences for travellers looking for offbeat experiences. An immersive journey through a myriad hues of life await you at Ahmedabad.

lithograph by Philip Baldeus 1752
Lithograph by Philip Baldeus, 1752. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Images provided by Gujarat Tourism. Featured Image: Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, Ahmedabad

– Text by Priya Tripathy

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