Here’s An App That Will Help You Save Money On Hotels, And Be Responsible!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a hotel for just a couple of hours and pay only for these hours alone? From business meetings to job interviews to a restful start to an adventurous holiday, such a concept is exactly what the modern day travellers needs. does just that.

“At any point in time, very few hotels can claim 100 per cent occupancy. Frotels offers an alternative to hotels to put up the unoccupied rooms for ‘day stays’, each only for a couple of hours. This helps the hotel get more business and for travellers to get an opportunity to sample five-star hospitality,” shares Priyanka Kothmire, Co-founder & COO of


The unique concept is presently available as a website and the team is looking at the app launch soon.

“As a business traveller, I have faced this problem myself where I would have to shell out a 24-hour payment for using just 3-4 hours at the hotel. Today there are more than 500 hotels across India that are registered under Frotels. The services provided during the traveller’s stay differ from hotel to hotel,” she says.

The concept is welcome in India where electricity, water and the resources are limited. Instead of a running hotel with 40 per cent occupancy, the resources find better use with ‘day stays’.

solo travel.jpg

“There is a lot of concern among women travellers in our country as well. I recall a group of elderly women stranded at Shirdi station looking for an accommodation for a few hours before they could begin the day with prayers. Through Frotels, they were able to book a decent hotel for them to freshen up after their journey before spending the day at the temple,” Kothmire shares. “There was also a girl who had contacted me on her visit to Pune. She had to appear from an examination and did not want to stay at a relative’s place. She booked a hotel through Frotels for a few hours, freshened up and got sufficient time to revise before heading out for her examination.”

There is no denying that such a service offer safety to women travellers in India. “After arriving at a hotel she had booked, an international traveller found that it was not up to her expectations. She called us about the same. It was quite late at night by that time but we immediately had her shifted to a better hotel at the same price, to ensure her comfort,” Kothmire tells us.


“There was much talk about how unmarried couples would misuse this service but that has not happened to us,” she shares. “We encourage hotels to display clearly if they have a reservation against unmarried couples staying with them. This ensures any unnecessary questions or remarks when a traveller checks in.”

Like the concept? Try it and let us know how you find it.


– Text by Priya Tripathy


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