An Honest Experience In Punjab

Kailash Farms in Hoshiarpur, Punjab offers an honest responsible tourism for its visitors. The family which owns the property, lives on the premises and encourages visitors to experience their day-to-day life along with the comforts of a classy accommodation.

The family’s farms and orchards are all placed alongside the accommodation options. And though the capacity is limited, the reason is to offer complete attention each guest.


The day starts early, like any other family’s in Punjab and willing guests are accompanied to various farm and orchard duties. This is followed by breakfast and more work around the farm, including a tractor ride into the orchards. After lunch, guests can choose to say back and rest or head to the nearby market outside the property where one can learn the basics of inlay work. At one point, Hoshiarpur was the centre of ivory inlay work but since the ban on the ivory trade, other substitutes are used in their making. It makes for a good opportunity to observe the craftsmen at their work.


Once back, evenings are leisurely and usually full of folk music to accompany the goings-on as the hosts prepare dinner. A helping hand is always welcome and guests are requested to grind their own share of wheat to make the bread for the night.


The visit is ideal for those seeking a classy and honest Punjabi experience with a family deeply rooted in tradition and family values. For the children, the animals on the farm provide an educative yet entertaining experience.

– Text by Priya Tripathy

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