Review Of A #DelhibyMetro Walk By A Little Girl

“No, I will not”, again mama and I were fighting the night before the walk. She said that I should come. But I did not want to wake up early in the morning and walk. But I had no choice! I was simply angry.


Next day before we reached the metro station, I started feeling excited. The streets were empty. It was not sunny nor was it hot. Although no one seemed up, the birds were up and were making a dinfull racket. When everybody reached, we did a round of introductions. Then we started walking. We were almost the only people so could walk freely. There was no traffic. First we went to ‘Chor Minar’ where we heard the squeaking of bats. And there was a puppy who I went and patted. Then we took a picture with everybody holding their necks! (1)

Then we started walking again. This time we saw a hornbill, who was extremely shy and did not like being photographed. We then went to the ( I forgot the name)(2) where we stood on stairs and took pictures and there were two puppies. And finally we went to Mackdum Masjit (3), where I climbed a tree and there were many graves. And then it was time to go so we said bye to each other and went our ways.

Helpful Notes to support above review:

  1. Only because it was a monument which displayed severed heads and walkers felt protective about their throats!
  2. 14th century Idgah – Hauz Khas
  3. 15th century Maqdoom Masjid- May Fair Gardens

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